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Commodity Investment Exodus

September 29th, 2011

OMAHA (Capstone Energy Services) – During the last two months energy futures prices have declined sharply due to the struggling economy and an investment strategy shift by funds and other large non-commercial investors. NYMEX crude oil is off nearly $20 per barrel or 20%, Brent crude $15 per barrel or 13% and gasoline and heating […]

US Gas Futures Extend Rally, Settle +4.5c At $3.827/mmBtu

September 28th, 2011

NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – Natural gas futures prices rallied for a second day, settling 4.5 cents higher at $3.827 per million British thermal units, on short-term weather-related demand and position adjustments ahead of Wednesday’s expiration of the October contract. The rise followed an 8.1-cent gain Monday, with the combined increase nearly erasing the loss […]

US Gas Futures Settle Slip To Lowest Level Since October

September 26th, 2011

NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – Natural-gas futures prices fell for a fourth straight day Friday, as mild weather curbed demand in a market pressured by high output and ample inventories. For the third day in a row, front-month futures settled at the lowest level since Oct. 27. Doubts about a pick-up in the U.S. economy […]

Natural Gas and Electricity Prices — 2012 and Beyond

September 26th, 2011

OMAHA (Capstone Energy Services) – The now four year old struggling economic recovery has resulted in sluggish energy demand increases, while supply has been abundant. This is particularly true for natural gas, which experienced a shale gas production boom that has more than offset declines in existing production and increases in industrial and power generation […]

US Gas Futures Fall To Six-Month Low

September 21st, 2011

NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – Natural gas futures fell to a six-month low Wednesday as moderating temperatures across the U.S. keep a lid on demand for heating and cooling. Natural gas for October delivery was recently down 5.0 cents, or 1.3%, at $3.748 a million British thermal units on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after […]

US Gas Futures Hit Six-Month Low On Seasonal Demand Decline

September 19th, 2011

NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – Natural gas futures Friday fell to their lowest levels in six months, pressured by expectations for robust production after a large weekly increase in U.S. stockpiles as well as a seasonal dip in demand for the fuel. The benchmark contract climbed Tuesday and Wednesday after reports of unseasonably cold weather […]

Energy and the Weakening Economy

September 14th, 2011

OMAHA (Capstone Energy Services) – Recent economic news has not been heartening. Slowing growth worldwide has reduced demand for crude oil, more than offsetting production decreases. Both OPEC and the International Energy Agency reduced their 2011 demand projections this week. While the price for crude oil remains stubbornly high, there are signs of weakness. Brent […]

Natural Gas: Low Prices Short Term, Longer Term Questions

September 1st, 2011

OMAHA (Capstone Energy Services) – The September NYMEX natural gas contract settled for the month at $3.857 per MMbtu, the lowest monthly close since March of this year. The low settlement price reflects the struggling economy, anticipated short term decline in industrial demand and elimination of any threat by Hurricane Irene on the Gulf Coast […]

Glossary Terms

Glossary Terms

Nominated Volume

The physical quantity of gas requested, typically in MMBtu/day, for a specific contract or for all contracts at a specific point.

Marketing Affiliate

A marketing company that has corporate ties to an interstate pipeline, an intrastate pipeline, or a local distribution company.

Energy Only Providers

Power marketers or other electricity vendors who provide and bill for only the energy component of the electricity consumed by the end-use customer.


A unit of heating value equivalent to 100,000 British thermal units (Btu).

Real Power

The component of electric power that performs work, typically measured in kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW)--sometimes referred to as Active Power.

Injection (Storage)

The process of delivering natural gas into a storage field for future delivery and use.

Price Ceiling

Statutory maximum lawful prices for various categories of natural gas, including gas destined for both the intrastate and interstate markets.

More Terms

Energy Delivery Chains

Energy Delivery Chains

Find out more about how your energy is produced and delivered to your business.

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Energy & the Environment

Energy & the Environment

How we assist clients in responding to national environmental concerns.

  • Initiate and manage a "Green" energy procurement program
  • Evaluate national legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Research state and local energy efficiency programs and incentives
  • Track energy use and related emissions estimate